Efficiently Carrying Out Site Surveys to Select the Right Class A1 Anchor

Aiming to support all your building requirements, we carry out an in-depth site survey which includes performing a risk assessment to ensure the correct type of anchor is selected. As trained installers of Class A1 Anchors, conforming to BS EN 795 standards, we are able to carry out all aspects including the initial selection through to the end installation. In addition to this, our specialists also draw on their wealth of knowledge to decide where the safety eye-bolt needs to be placed to allow the end user to carry out the necessary work.

Selecting the Correct Anchor

Our team at Direct Access are specialist trained installers for Class A1 Anchors, conforming to BS EN 795. From start to finish, we endeavour to support all your building requirements including attending to everything from the initial selection and substrate test through to the end of installation and carrying out the maintenance aspects. To ensure the right anchor is selected, one of our specially trained installers carries out a free site survey which includes conducting a full risk assessment. The survey also includes and making recommendations on both the type of anchor required and the application such as:

  • Fall Restraint
  • Work Positioning
  • Fall Arrest and Rope Access Purposes

Installing Safety Eyebolts

Our experienced and knowledgeable specialists identify where is best to install the safety eye-bolt to allow the end user to carry out all work safely. Our skilled team of planners and site installers can schedule an ongoing PPM (planned preventive maintenance) plan for the continued routine service and inspection of the class A1 anchors in accordance with the current regulations.

Contact our trusted team for further information about our Class A1 Anchor and Safety Eye-Bolt services.