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“We Now Use Direct Access on a Large Scale of Our Sites Carrying Out Inspections and Maintenance to Our Systems”

“Direct access was brought in to supply a more cost-effective access strategy compared to our current methods (MEWPS and scaffolding) on some of our sites the guys were able to implement their abseiling skills which was rather impressive as the set up time was very small and with no obstruction to pedestrians and vehicle flow unlike other methods we have used in the past. We now use direct access on a large scale of our sites carrying out inspections and maintenance to our systems.”

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“All Work Was Carried Out Efficiently, Safely and on Time”

“Hills Electrical Group was approached by an existing client to take part in the upgrade of their onsite security system which meant in some areas extra cables were needed to be installed, due to the site being in operation we came across areas in the roof purlins where we could not access due to machinery being in the way. Direct Access was already onsite carrying out works so I approached them with my access problem. The solution was to ‘aid climb’ along the beams installing cables into the purlins as they go, all work was carried out efficiently, safely and on time I will be definitely using them again if I come across access problems in future.”

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